Chairman’s Message

Dr. S.R. Niranjan


I am thankful and congratulate all my consumers, countrymen and the world as a whole for the confidence you have reposed in Ayurvedic and Allopathic formulations and medicines being manufactured by Sun India Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.
Through this message I assure you all, that it shall always be our Endeavour to improve, innovate and make our products better so as to realize our dream of a healthy and happy world. Our dedicated team of employees always strives hard and adheres to stringent quality control norms to improve the quality of medicines to ensure purity, longer product stability and effectiveness.

“Sun India family shall always strive to make this wonderful world, healthy and disease free. “

This is our sincere wish and aim too, that whosoever consumes our medicines shall remain disease free, healthy and happy. We believe in a simple philosophy of good health for the entire humanity at an affordable price. It shall always be our endeavour to manufacture and market best quality medicines with consistency, stability and effectiveness for the benefit of human beings.

We are well on our way to introduce in very near future, Ayurvedic/Allopathic medicines for cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and allergy that too at an affordable price for the well being of the masses.
It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that within a short span of time doctors and consumers have appreciated Sun India’s products, its’ quality, effectiveness and reliability. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you all.




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